DOGTIC.COM Perspective

Hi, my name is Hyon Kim aka Andrew. I am the founder of DOGTIC.COM. We opened our small online store in March of 2019 with a big heart and vision. In our digital age, we may think we have affluence of information but we are only exposed to regulated and biased information. When it comes to understanding dogs, we have been very limited in terms of perspectives and insights. That is why we want to relearn about dog and share the experience. We are interested in sharing our perspectives, insights, and views from different parts of the world. Not only we only want to introduce our line of products but our interesting way of looking at dogs and share our experience, knowledge, training and education with you. We pursue to understand more about dogs but we are here to understand people and human. After all, we will not have happy dogs if we are not happy.

We are not here to change the world but if we could change a dog, that could be a the world-changing for the dog.